Come back posts to receive warm welcome and greetings by other bloggers - Cartoon

This cartoon idea was sent to me by Dinesh Babu of 18000, RPM fame. I too think that the idea of deliberately going on a blogging vacation and writing a come-back post just to receive a warm welcome by readers and other bloggers is not so bad idea after all.

Nita just did it, Sakhi did it, Ruhi had done it long ago, Poonam and Reema have been planning to do it for long but due to global warming and other social issues they couldn’t, Suda too went on a blogging vacation but no one realised that he isn’t blogging. Joel has taken it to such an extreme level that people have started wishing him farewell on his every come-back post instead of welcoming him.  I think every one should try it atleast once, but make sure that you do come back.

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