blogiversary cake

It has been one year since I started drawing cartoons for Brainstuck.com. I never knew that I would be able to make it last one year, but thankfully my brain never got stuck and I still continue to post cartoons almost daily (although they have stopped making sense). Thanks to all of you who have visited my blog and all those who went ahead and commented on the cartoons.

As I hope you continue to enjoy the cartoons and your visits to the blog, here is a Big Cake marking the first blogiversary of Brainstuck.com.

Stubborn Tees

I am not that fool T-shirt cartoon

Another One….
No way I am doing it, Toon for a tee

Again, two hi-res cartoons for T-shirts or for whatever. Ready to fire, free to use. Check Snapfish.co.in or smilenprint.com for making schwags out of it. People in US etc. may visit cafepress.com, zazzle.com or snapfish.com.

I am working

Can't you see I am working,Work cartoon

This is a high resolution cartoon, I drew for my friend, who will most probably post it at his work place or do something else with it, Dog knows…

Not Idle is another cartoon I made on demand, which is again a High resolution image, ready to fire. Please feel free to use them, if they fit in somewhere for you too.

Happy Blogging.