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21 days — May 31, 2008
Stubborn Tees — May 30, 2008

Stubborn Tees

I am not that fool T-shirt cartoon

Another One….
No way I am doing it, Toon for a tee

Again, two hi-res cartoons for T-shirts or for whatever. Ready to fire, free to use. Check or for making schwags out of it. People in US etc. may visit, or

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Identity Crisis — May 24, 2008
I am working — May 23, 2008

I am working

Can't you see I am working,Work cartoon

This is a high resolution cartoon, I drew for my friend, who will most probably post it at his work place or do something else with it, Dog knows…

Not Idle is another cartoon I made on demand, which is again a High resolution image, ready to fire. Please feel free to use them, if they fit in somewhere for you too.

Happy Blogging.

Own boss — May 22, 2008